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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Please Look After My Baby

Please look after my baby
She’s the last I’ll ever have
I know that she’ll have good days
But I know she’ll have some bad
And when I can’t be there
To give her some tlc
Please just let her know
She’ll get mummy cuddles after three

I know she seems quite grown
Like she can handle being there
With her grown up smart new dress
And her very fancy hair
But when she first falls over
Or can’t make sense of it all
She’ll probably cry and sob and sob
And you’ll see she’s still so small

I know I’ve done this all before
With girl then boy and boy
But Sofia is our rainbow baby
And brought us so much joy
So when you see me tearing up
As I wave my little girl goodbye
Just say it’s ok as she walks away
And I go home to cry.

Emma xoxo

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