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Friday, September 14, 2018

And Just Like That She's Off

For the past three years I’ve had a constant shadow. That shadow goes by the name of Sofia. There have been days where I have wanted to lock myself in the bathroom just to have five minutes peace and maybe have a sneaky biscuit without having to share it but there have also been days where she makes my heart melt with her cuddles and kisses and has me in fits of laughter with her cheeky comments. One thing that has become apparent to anyone who knows us is that she definitely is my little sidekick but our days of it just being the two of us are numbered. My mini me is heading off to pre-school in a week and it’s got me rather emotional. 

I don’t remember feeling this way when the others headed off to pre-school/nursery and I wonder is it because she is the last and I know that as much as there will be lots of new firsts there will also be lots of lasts?Next week she’ll start the settling in process and providing all goes well Sofia will be leaving me for three days a week from 9am until 3.20pm
We’ve had our home visit which went well although I did feel sorry for the nursery teacher having to answer my list of questions and its comforting to know that Sofia will be attending the nursery at the school that all three of my older children have attended and where her older brother still goes.

I can’t believe that less than two months ago our little madam was only 2 and now is getting ready to abandon me to explore the big wide world.
I’ve tried to make this week special by spending quality time with Sofia, crafting, days out, cuddles and Disney films(all of which was probably more for my benefit) but the more time I spend with her the more I realise just how much I’m going to miss her.

So while she’s off making new friends, exploring the world around her and just being her usual amazing self in her new environment, I hope she never forgets that I was her first friend and will always be her best.

Emma xoxo

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