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Monday, September 10, 2018

Back to School Survival Essentials

With back to school well underway and the uniform, stationary and shoe shopping finally completed, I thought I’d share with you my top ten essential items I try to make sure we’re stocked up on now the kids are back at school so we are ready for the inevitable.
Need I say any more. Starting from the 16 year old all the way down to the 3 year old, there is always some cut, scrape or bang that requires a plaster.

Packs of tissues
I always try and chuck a pack of tissues or handy wipes in the kids bags as they always come in handy for SOMETHING especially snotty noses in the winter months.

I always keep a secret stash of stationary. Without doubt my bigger two always lose their writing pens so I don’t rush out and spend like £2.50 on a single pen in the newsagent, I simply produce one with a smug smile from my secret place(not THAT secret place either ya dirty buggers) My stationary stash always comes in handy for homework projects or handwriting practice with little man too

Generic birthday cards and wrapping paper
Week one has just finished and we’ve already had 2 party invites which is why I always keep a selection of generic birthday cards and wrapping paper in one of my kitchen cupboards(see, already sticking to the the Tired Mum's New School Year Resolutions!)

Nit lotion 
Touch wood I’ve never in my 16 years of being a parent had to use it. I think it may be down to the oils I use in our hair daily, however, that dreaded letter comes home every term without fail to say someone in the class has had them so better safe than sorry.
Whether it’s in liquid form for the younger ones or tablet form for the bigger ones, we always make sure we’re well stocked and ready for fevers, headaches, time of the month pains etc.

Let’s face it, shit happens, quite literally. So when it does, have some sachets in a cupboard to make sure your little ones(and not so little ones in my case) stay hydrated.

Sewing kit
Not a fancy Martha Stewart super deluxe sewing kit but it’s definitely worth buying some needles and thread(preferably in the colours of your kids uniforms) to patch up and minor issues like a slight seam split or a fallen hem

Without fail, at least one of my kids gets some kind of bug during winter and whenever I take them to the doctors the one thing they always ask is what has their temperature been like. So it’s definitely worth investing in one of these. I find the digital ones are the best 

Emergency tipple
Speaks for itself! When you’ve had a really crap week or your angels have turned into demons,treat yourself to a glass or two....

Is there anything else you make sure you have in for when the kids are back at school?

Emma xoxo

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