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Friday, November 8, 2019

Making the Most of you Merlin Pass During Winter

If you think just because some of the theme parks have closed down for the winter that you can't have fun with your Merlin Pass then boy are you wrong! With the four major theme parks closed it actually gives you a great opportunity to make the most of your pass by visiting other Merlin attractions.
If like me you live in London or close by then there are an abundance of attractions to visit during off-peak season and what’s more if you want to visit attractions that may require a stopover hotels and B&Bs are generally a bit cheaper this time of the year so it’s a win-win situation.

Along the Southbank there are 4 indoor attractions alone to visit. All within a few metres of each other. There is the SEA LIFE Centre London Aquarium, Shrek’s Adventure, The London Dungeons and London Eye and 4D experience.

Shrek's Adventure, SEA LIFE and the London Eye make for a great family day out in London and with Madame Tussaud’s just a short bus ride away you are sure to have a fun packed day. 
If you’re feeling brave or have older children then why not visit The London Dungeons and learn about some of London’s more chilling history.
For just a mere £1 per person all of these attractions can be pre-booked online and guaranteeing entry at your chosen time.

If you still want to spend the day out in the fresh air then why not visit Warwick castle? With the beautiful Castle itself to tour indoors and stunning grounds(with roaming peacocks) to explore this would make for a perfect day out. If you think it’s too chilly for a picnic then take advantage of one the restaurant’s onsite and fill up on a warm meal and don't forget that your Merlin Pass entitles you to up to 20% off food, drink and more!

If you're missing Legoland and want a Lego fix then while away a day at one of the two Legoland Discovery Centres. With one in Manchester and one in Birmingham there is definitely something for everyone and be sure to check out any special events or activities they may have running.

If a day out along Blackpool prom is what you're after then don't forget to pack your pass. The Blackpool Tower hosts a string of attractions where your pass will have you out of the cold but definitely not missing out on the action.

Alongside the 30+ attractions that you can use your pass at for 12 months there are also a whole hosts of benefits attached to your pass. With perks such as friends and family discounted tickets, money off short breaks, up to 50% off international entry, up to 20% off food, drink and merchandise and discounts from partner companies there is no reason for the fun to stop just because the coasters have!

To add to the already great value, Merlin have also made their passes even more affordable now by introducing a pay monthly pass. There are two types of pass; standard and premium so be sure to make sure if you are purchasing one that you choose the right ones for your family.

We are already planning on making the most of our Merlin Passes over winter with a planned trip to Warwick Castle for stories with Santa, a visit to the Legoland Discovery Centre in Birmingham and just try keeping us away from the Southbank attractions!

Emma xoxo

Monday, November 4, 2019

Weekly Meal Planner 04/11/19

Spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread

Cajun chicken thigh fillet burgers, sweet potato fries and corn on the cob

Special fried rice and vegetable spring rolls

Beef bourguignon

Lamb chops, cous cous and roasted veg

Out for dinner

Pork roast dinner

Once again I'm joining in with Katy Kickers meal planning linky so if you're stumped for ideas head on over for some more inspiration.

Emma xoxo

Friday, November 1, 2019

The 25 Days of Elfmas - Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Every single year without fail between 1st and 25th December I get all comfy in bed and the BAM it hits me, I've forgotten to move the flipping elves!

This year I'm getting organised to avoid having the leave my warm comfy bed by planning 'Elfmas' day by day.
If you're stuck for ideas or want to get on top of it too then take a look at my '25 Days of Elfmas' calendar. 
Follow me over on Instagram for daily pictures, more ideas and inspiration.

The 25 Days of Elfmas

Dec 1st – Elves arrive through letterbox with advent calendars
Dec 2nd – Plant magic green seeds
Dec 3rd – Seeds grow into candy canes
Dec 4th – Red dots on noses on pictures
Dec 5th – Draws on all the eggs
Dec 6th – Bowling in the hallway
Dec 7th – Invite to see Santa
Dec 8th – Christmas crumpets decorate a cookie
Dec 9th – Knicker and bra hammocks on tree
Dec 10th – Elves zip lining
Dec 11th – Bad elf tapes good elf to the toilet lid
Dec 12th – Find the chocolate coins
Dec 13th – Tickets to see the lights
Dec 14th – Pyjamas from the elves
Dec 15th – Find all the candy canes
Dec 16th – Tried to make a cake
Dec 17th – Movie night
Dec 18th – Feeding the ducks in the bath
Dec 19th – Being a doctor
Dec 20th – In the cereal box
Dec 21st – Swinging in the hallway
Dec 22nd – Face paints while the kids sleep
Dec 23rd – Snowball fights
Dec 24th – Brings xmas eve boxes/bags

Dec 25th – Goodbye from the elves, wrapped the door, Santa footprints and glitter

I'd love to see and hear what your elves get up to.

Emma xoxo