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Friday, July 13, 2018

Virgin Pure WaterBar - Tried and Tested

As a family of six you can probably imagine that we go through quite a lot of drink in our house and surprisingly enough, despite 2 of the kids being teenagers about 80% of that drink is water.
I would buy around twenty four 500ml bottles during my main weekly shop and then get another pack later on in the week.
Back in March we attended the Ideal Home Show in London and one of the first stands we came across was Virgin. As Virgin Media customers I headed over hoping I could get a better deal or discount on my current plan but instead they were giving everybody free water samples.
We spoke to one of the sales team and she explained that Virgin Pure was another part of the ever growing Virgin company that offered filtered water machines.

I'm usually quite skeptical but even I had to admit that the water sample did taste, for lack of better words, cleaner and purer.
The WaterBars give you unlimited, triple filtered and UV filtered chilled water, they dispense boiling water, they remove the horrible stuff like chlorine and bacteria and stop scale. 
This machine means that we are no longer going through an obscene amount of plastic bottles(which less face it aren't good for the environment anyway), we no longer need the kettle quite frankly prefer the taste of this water to the bottled water we were drinking previously.

We opted for the T6 because we preferred the look of it

There are 2 models of the Virgin Pure WaterBars. The 'Retro chic' T6 or 'Uber slick' which both sit on a work surface of your choosing in your kitchen and connect to your cold water supply effortlessly and non intrusively. They run on a pay monthly plan that is a rolling month to month plan so you can cancel with 30 days notice. When you sign up you pay a one off fee of £29.99 for installation and then monthly plans start at just £19.99
Your monthly fee includes unlimited hot and cold filtered water, Activated carbon water filters sent to you when you need them twice per year, replacement UV lamps which kill bacteria and ensure your water is free of chemicals posted to you every 12 months, a descaler treatment which keeps your water clear delivered to your door every 6 months. And a full warranty for the lifetime of your plan.

This is how the discreet fitting looks on our cold water pipe

We've had our machine now for around 4 months and literally would be lost without it. We've found the customer service to be great and had no problems to date.
Whats more, you get a 30 day risk free trial.
So if like our family you go through a ridiculous amount of bottled water then give the Virgin Pure WaterBar a try!

If, like us and many others, you are trying to cut down on single use plastic and save money too(all those bottles of water add up $$$) then use this referral code to get your first 2 months FREE, IN ADDITION to the 30 day trial: https://virginpure.com/?ref=17875

Emma xoxo

*This isn't an ad but we love our WaterBar and wanted to let you know how great they are.

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  1. Oh wow I didn't know these existed? But such a great idea. We could definitely do with one the amount of water we drink. Will be looking into this.