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Monday, July 2, 2018

Meet the Monsters!

Being a mum to four and having conversations with people that don’t know the family particularly well can be rather confusing. The usually go something along the lines of “Big girl just finished her exams and Little boy has just moved up a stage in swimming. Big boy has won a BMX competition and Little girl has just convinced me to buy her another set of wings” Confused yet? Even I am! At home I will just yell out a name in the hope that a child will come because to be perfectly honest I usually call them by the wrong names anyway.
With all that said I thought I would make it slightly less confusing for you and invite you to Meet the Monsters.

Mikhayla - Big Girl

Mikhayla is my first born, she’s clever, audacious, beautiful but is also opinionated, stubborn and loud. She’s not backward in coming forward and has given me many a grey hairs over the years. Nonetheless she is a tenacious madam who makes me proud despite our differences and has big dreams and aspirations for her future that through sheer hard work and determination I know she’ll achieve.

Jason- Big Boy

Jason is my second born and a rather chilled out character most of the time until you ruffle his feathers. He has a somewhat dry sense of humour and very matter of fact way about him which endears him to pretty much everyone he meets. Despite being a typical teenage boy, Jason has always got time for a cuddle with mummy while we catch up on our days and have a little giggle.

Samuel - Little Boy

Samuels entrance to the world was quite precarious to begin with and he had us all on the edge of our seats but he’s definitely made up for that since then. Sam is generally quite a quiet child until he pops up with one of his one liners. He has his own sense of style and dances to his own beat and I adore the fact that he continues to be true to himself in a world full of people trying to put you in a box.

Sofia - Little Girl

Sofia is a hand on hip, head shaking, shoe collecting, girl boss diva. Never in my life have I known someone so young to comprehend so much of what goes on in the world around them AND have an opinion on it. We’ve come to accept that of the 4, she has the strongest personality already and has the others under her spell. She has a facial expression for every situation and isn’t afraid to use it.

So there you have it, you've met the monsters and got the low down on them. Hopefully now my posts, instagrams and vlogs will confuse you just that little bit less!

Emma xoxo

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