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Friday, July 20, 2018

The Tired Mum's New School Year Resolutions

If you are anything like me, when you have completed your last school run of this (school) year(yaaaaassssss), you'll reflect over just poorly organised you were over the last couple of months and swear that come September you will be in control and on top of everything. If that sounds remotely familiar then you, my friend need to read on!

1. I will set my alarm 20 minutes early(and not hit snooze 6 times) and get out of bed when it goes off to ensure I am up and ready to the face the day with a bright and breezy attitude.

2. I will check school bags every evening for letters/notes/permission slips for non-uniform days, school trips, cake sales and so on to avoid the embarrassment of my kids being the ones in uniform on a charity jumper day or not having completed the 'special' homework for assembly

3. Every Sunday, I will make sure that all of the uniform is washed, dried and ironed for the entire following week to avoid those 'sniff it and see' days or the 'once your body heat warms it up it'll look ironed' days

4. I WILL NOT scream at the top of my lungs between 8.15 and 8.30 in the morning "bloody hurry up, get ready, get your shoes on, brush your teeth, right that's it no more TV or tablets in the morning"

5. We will leave with 10 minutes to spare which means I won't be hurrying the kids along the road whilst breaking a sweat because "we've got 7 minutes to get to the school gates. You don't walk this slow when we're going to the park or sweet shop so hurry up" under my breath so the other parents can't hear but loud enough that I now full well my kids do.

6. When my children get home from school I will have a healthy snack waiting for them because they clearly don't eat during the school day the way they walk through the front door, dump their bags and head straight to the fridge, cupboards, freezer and anywhere else there is food.

7. I will devote time each week to homework. Proper time. Not let's see what we can cobble together at 5.30 on a Sunday evening that's passable but lets get out the entire craft box and Pinterest the shizzle out of this weeks homework.

8. My bag will be park ready. There will be wipes, bottles of water, a piece of fruit and sandwich for those after school trips to the park where you spend a fortune in the corner shop because again, your kids are STARVING and you just can't bare to hear any more moaning about how hungry they are and wipes because let's face it, when don't you need wipes.

9. I will have a box with age appropriate generic cards, suitable small gifts, wrapping paper and gift bags ready for all there party invites that seem to come home on a weekly basis meaning we spend most weekends at some kind of children's party so I'm not running around like a flipping headless chicken trying to find a card and gift at the last minute.

10. When 4 weeks in to the school year and I've already given up on half of my resolutions I promise myself to look at the 4 human beings that I've created and know that despite being a rubbish school run Mum, I'm doing OK because my kids are (majority of the time) happy!


  1. Great list! It's something I aspire to but never can quite manage it!

  2. This is great, and I can relate to pretty much everything you said!! However early we are up, we always seem to have a manic rush between 8am and 8:20. I go through phases of having cards and gifts in a box ready for parties, but it works out so expensive otherwise.

  3. Ha ha this is brilliant. I am rubbish at all of these! I really struggle with the school run as I only do it one day a week and so somehow even after two years I still haven't found my grove!

  4. This made me laugh, shouting to get her ready in the mornings! The language of a mum. Enjoy!

  5. I love number 10 - made me smile! Good luck, I'll be intrigued to hear how you get on!

  6. Oh I love this, what great resolutions although I know I would ever keep to them, haha! I love the card idea, I am always calling at Spar on the way to a birthday party!