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Monday, July 30, 2018

Have An Amazing Summer

A couple of weeks before the Summer holidays I sit and make a rough list of all the things I want to do with my kids(when I'm not shouting at them to stop arguing or to tidy up their mess). The list is always a list of the things that I think the kids will want to do and that will make for a great holiday. The reality is that my extravagant plans for days out or THAT ultimate craft project aren't at all what the kids want to do.

This year we made a Summer Bucket List of things the kids did actually want to do and there were some really simple and cheap activities on there.

A simple park visit always goes down well

Things like a movie night or picnic in the local park weren't the things I would have come up with but it just goes to show that our over thinking is so unnecessary to keep our children happy.

I always thought that my Summer holidays as a child were the most boring of all my friends and vowed that when I had kids they would have the most amazing holidays ever but the truth is, my fondest holiday memories are the simple ones. Me and my sister attempting a bungee jump over the banisters, sliding down the stairs on our bums, throwing brussel sprouts in the garden(wtf right? I know) these memories still put a smile on my face many years later.

I know it's hard to not have a mini meltdown when EVERY toy in the house is strewn across the floor and nearly every item in the fridge has been devoured by day number #5 of the holiday but it's these simple things that are making them happy and before you know it, you will have teenagers that no longer want to hang around with Mum.

Begrudgingly taking a pic with Mummy!

So instead of working out how you can cram a million activities into 6 weeks or which organ you are going to have to sell to fund it all ask your kids what they want to do and I bet you'll be surprised by their responses.

Remember, it's all about collecting memories, not things!

I plan on eating lots of these over the Summer

What are your simple plans for the Summer?

Emma xoxo

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