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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Meal Plan

You can find out what we'll be chowing down on in this weeks meal plan below. If like me you sometimes struggle with inspiration for meals then all of my meal plans are stored over on Instagram in my story highlights and I'm linking this post up with the lovely Katy over at the Katy Kicker blog where you can find even more meal ideas.

Sainsburys saveloys, chips and mushy peas

Chicken korma, pilau rice and naan bread

Spaghetti bolognese

Ikea meatballs, mash and gravy

Chinese style chicken, egg fried rice and vegetable spring rolls

We're at parties all day

Roast chicken dinner

What meals are on the menu for you this week?

Emma xoxo


Monday, April 29, 2019

Easter Fun at Godstone Farm

One of my all time favourite places to visit is Godstone Farm and this Easter was no exception. We’ve been all year round and always have a blast so armed with packed lunches and sun cream we headed to the small village of Godstone on Good Friday.
Along with our admission ticket we were given a leaflet with details all of the Easter activities they had going on.

As always we headed down the main path where we were greeted by goats, rheas, ducks and geese all in their own areas, the Godstone Scarecrow family and the Easter Bunny himself!

We had a look at the activities that were running and opted to see all the animals first before taking part in an egg hunt and duck racing. There are an amazing range of animals to see and all look like they are well taken care of.
We were lucky enough to be able to hold a rabbit, pet some 2 month old ducks and even got to stroke a very entertaining little piglet in the petting area. Not only is it fun for adults and children alike but there are lots of information plaques around and staff on hand to teach you so much about the animals and their care. They’ve even got cards around the farm teaching you sign language for the names of the animals.

We wandered around looking at all the different animals with the kids challenging our animal knowledge by asking us about something every time they saw a ‘Did you know?’ sign. We found a table and bench in a nice shaded spot to enjoy lunch but if you visit and don’t take lunch don’t worry, there’s lots of hot and cold meals and snacks to a choose from in the tea room plus an ice cream hut selling pizzas and pasties.

After lunch we made our way to the tea room lawn for an egg hunt which was so sweet. The area was decked out with brightly coloured items and eggs hidden for the kids to find and exchange for a prize and there are always seasonal activities on so whenever you visit you’re sure to have fun. I liked that the egg hunts were done separately for the under 5’s and over 5’s as it meant the little ones weren’t intimidated or lost in amongst bigger children.

After feeling rather smug with their hunt prizes we got quite competitive with a game(or two or three or four....) of duck racing which was a free activity. Even now there’s still some doubt over the legitimacy of some of the wins but....
In the same area there is a den building section, mud kitchen and little race track with mini tractors so something to keep kids busy while adults can relax on the grass.

Godstone farm has a fantastic play area that is spread over the top of the farm. It includes a log swing, huge sandpit, swings, slides, wooden castle, zip line and wet run slide plus more with fantastic views of the Surrey Hills.

After chilling in the play area for a good 2 hours we had said to the kids that we’d make our way back to the car....they took us on the scenic route back to the car park which involved hand feeding some ducks around the pond and ending up on the Dino trail which had loads of activities and interesting facts dotted around. We finished off with another go on the mini tractors race track then FINALLY headed for  the car park.

There’s lots more to see and do including a indoor soft play, tractor rides and more so if it’s a fun day out with a mix of everything that you’re looking for then we’d definitely recommend Godstone Farm. To help plan your day everything you need is on their website at https://godstonefarm.co.uk/

Emma xoxo

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Planning a Family Holiday

Planning a family holiday can literally be one of the biggest headaches along with Christmas, moving and weddings. As a family of six, with ages spanning from 3-16 trying to find a destination with activities that will keep everyone happy can be tricky but after years of holidaying both in and out of the UK I think we’ve got some tips that will definitely make the process a bit smoother.

What is your budget?
Fist things first you need to be clear on how much you have saved or can afford to pay in one lump sum or if paying your holiday off monthly what is the most you can afford? Your budget will determine many factors so it’s best to be clear from the start.

Decide on a staycation or a foreign holiday

Once you’ve decided on a budget, will that be enough for you to travel abroad or would you need to consider a staycation? Once you know whether you are travelling abroad or staying you can then start to pinpoint possible destinations

Again, your budget will also play a part in how long you can afford to be away for so decide on whether you will be looking for a short break, long weekend, 7 nights, 10 or even more. Always double check that you can arrange annual leave before booking anything or paying any deposits.

Activity packed or chill out and relax?
Are you the type of family that love getting stuck in and enjoying a range of different activities or do you prefer to chill out around a pool? If you know you’ll want to indulge in an array of all of the activities and culture that your chosen destination has to offer then research the local area and find out what there is to do. Are there any day trips, sporting activities or places of interest that will fulfill your need to keep busy? If it’s a relaxing holiday that you’re after, then it’s worth looking at what facilities a resort has to offer. Is there a kids club? Children’s play area and enough to keep you entertained if you plan on spending most of your time in your chosen resort

                                              Do It Yourself or all in?
As a family of 6 and me being the only cook at home, I cook at least 14 meals a week so when I go on holiday I refuse to play chef. All inclusive or half board at the very least is my chosen choice but definitely read reviews and ask around
what the food is like at your chosen resort so you know in advance that there is something that the whole family will eat.

If you are going self catering then try and find out if there is a super market or mini market nearby where you can stock up on items or what the local restaurants and cafes are like(and their rough prices so you can factor that into your budget too)

Getting there
How will you get to your destination? If it’s a staycation will you drive? If not, are there train stations nearby or even a coach service that runs near your accommodation? If you are planing on using public transport then sign up for travel alerts on sites like The Train Line so they can notify you of the best ticket price. If flying abroad then think about how you will get to the airport. Will you drive and make use of the many airport parking facilities or will you get a train direct to the airport? These are things that often get overlooked but are just as important as everything else.

These are some of the biggest things I think need to be considered when planning a holiday and whilst it's not a completely extensive list it will definitely help. Despite all of the hard work that goes into planning a holiday just remember whatever you do or wherever you go, have fun!

 What are you top travelling and holiday planning tips?

Emma xoxo