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Friday, September 21, 2018

What’s It All About Then?

About 10 years ago I started blogging. I wanted to document my journey as a work from home mum of 2. Back then, blogging and vlogging wasn’t as big as it has become but nevertheless I wanted a place where I could vent and look back on where I had been and where I was now.

It started off well but then I felt I lost my way a little, with the explosion of blogging, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube I started feeling that everyone out there had more interesting things to say, nicer holidays to snap, more beautiful homes to show and just generally better lives to document.

I would compare my minute follower numbers to their rapidly growing numbers and felt that my posts were irrelevant and not up to scratch so changed my writing style and content to try and ‘fit in’ but because none of this interested me I lost interest in my writing and my blog pretty much fell by the wayside.

A little while back I was scrolling through Instagram and come to the realisation that a lot of the accounts that I followed were completely irrelevant to me and didn’t reflect me as a person or parent at all.

Middle class women asking whether this £160 rug or the that £190 rug suited their lounge better or what hair products were working great on their European hair just didn’t interest me at all. If I had £190 to spare I sure as hell wouldn’t be spending it on a rug and my Afro hair has completely different needs to that of someone with European hair.

I got speaking to another Mum at a playgroup and we were discussing these self same issues and it was then I thought to myself that there must be other women out there just like me who find it hard to relate to the staged Instagram images and the blog posts about things that just don’t speak to them and it was then that Me,Him and Them was born.

We are a family of six, I swear, we’re working class, our kids aren’t perfect(neither is our home), we budget, I’ve suffered from depression, I need to lose *a few* pounds, me and him have ups and downs, we are just a ‘normal’ family blogging, vlogging and talking about normal things.

So if my blog makes one woman feel less alone or provides them with someone out there to relate to then I’ve achieved my goal.
If anyone wants to reach out for a chat, ask a question or anything else then I’ll always reply.
My Instagram is here, Twitter here and YouTube here.

Emma xoxo

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