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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Our 2021 Bucket List

If you had told me in December when I was thinking about our bucket list for 2020 how the year would go I would have laughed so hard. I mean who could have even guessed half of the disasters that 2020 would throw up; a bushfire, floods, swarms of locusts, coronavirus, BLM all that and we hadn’t even been met by summer yet.

So many of my personal and our family goals were negatively impacted by coronavirus in particular but we still managed to make some fantastic memories, see beautiful new places and do lots of things in spite of that so I’m not going to let the uncertainty of 2021 prevent me from setting goals and creating our annual bucket list. I’ll just do it with all of the crazy in mind.

One of the big things 2020 taught us was about loving the space we live in. As a family that like an adventure we don’t spend too much time at home usually but last year forced us to spend lots of time in our home and we realised that the space we had and how we were using it didn’t really work for us so quite a few of the things on our bucket list this year will reflect that. We want to make the space we live in more suited to us and practical. Also, whilst we know that travel isn’t a definite this year we would still like to at least explore some of the beautiful places that the UK has to offer.

2021 Bucket List

Redecorate our bedroom (replacing bed and wardrobe)

Replace dining table

New sofa

Visit 2 new places

Eat out less

Save more money

Try more new recipes

Go to the theatre(at least once)

Picnic on the beach

Spa break

Visit Cadbury world

Grow tomatoes and strawberries from seed

Make tie dye t-shirts

Visit a national park

Fly a kite

Visit a historical site

Go to a drive in show or movie

Our bucket list is 100% flexible and whilst we would love to be able to tick everything off the list we know that with the world the way it is we may have to postpone some of these. In the same spirit we know that as the months roll by there will be things that we will definitely add to our bucket list. 

Having a list of goals for the year ahead is definitely motivation for me, particularly on days when I feel like life is leading me rather than me leading it! 

Remember, your bucket list is a reflection of you and your life and for that reason it can be as simple, complicated, wild or ambitious as you want it to be.

Do you have any plans or goals for this year? If so, I’d love to hear about them.

Emma xoxo

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