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Monday, January 11, 2021

Meal Plan 11/01/21 - The slow cooker edition

After the disaster that was learning from home/working from home/being a domestic goddess/keeping children alive and looking after myself last week, I’ve quickly realised that something has to give.

Despite having a meal plan, it was getting to 5pm and we were still trying to finish up school work, work and quite frankly I was shattered so this week I have decided to make the most of my slow cooker and get the dinners on in the morning so once dinner time rolls around we are ready to go! 

All meals are slow cooker friendly


Fake-away kebab and chips


Beef casserole with green beans and root vegetable mash


Chicken korma, rice and naan bread


Sweet chilli halloumi and plain boiled rice

(it was a hit last week so requested again)


Sam’s birthday takeaway choice


Roast chicken dinner

What does your lockdown week 2 menu look like?

Emma xoxo


  1. This home schooling is hard work for us parents as well as the kids. Using the slow cooker is a great idea.
    Fab meal plan and happy birthday to Sam x

    1. Honestly just one day in and it’s already making such a huge difference.
      He said “why thank you for my birthday greetings” lol