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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Lockdown Lessons

Here are a few of the things that lockdown taught me

Having fun doesn’t have to cost a penny

If you follow me on Instagram, have read previous posts or seen my YouTube videos then you will know that we love to get out and about and have fun but lockdown made us realise that the fun doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Once restrictions were lifted a little we were able to get out we had so much fun on literally a few pound which proves that you can have fun for next to nothing. 

We really don’t need to eat out as often

I have to admit, we probably eat out more than we should but with the restaurants shut and not being a fan of delivered food we really got back to basics in the kitchen and had so much fun trying new and old recipes and I can honestly say it didn’t feel like a chore...it was enjoyable.

There is more time in the day than we realise for me time or self care

We often say we don’t have enough hours in the day to do all the things we need to do but with the combination of homeschooling, working from home and just having to spend so much time at home you are forced to manage your time and schedule better and better time management meant being able to find time in the day for

me. Whether it’s a face pack, 30 minutes to sit alone and read or a walk, lockdown taught me there was more time for me than I’d realised.

We can get on as a family

When lockdown was announced I panicked. All of us at home together, 24/7!! Surprisingly enough, the time at home together was actually fantastic. We really got to learn more about each other, what makes us tick and had a giggle. Yes there were days that we wanted to kill each other but on the whole it was a great experience and I’m grateful to have had that opportunity.

Shopping is not so necessary 

Ok so yes we need grocery shopping but this one is short and sweet. I really don’t need to buy half of the crap that I do or shop as much. During lockdown I saved a small fortune!

We are really resourceful

Between homework projects, diy, shops being closed and all the other mayhem of this year I’ve come to realise that we are super resourceful. Things were repurposed, we made use of things that had been lying around in cupboards and drawers for ages and generally were *resourceful*

Travel doesn’t have to be too far from your doorstep 

We had several trips cancelled due to the coronavirus this year and at first I was so upset but we used it as an opportunity to explore closer to home and discovered some amazing places within the UK. There really are some beautiful places to be found on our shores.

Needless to say lockdown and the virus reminded us of the importance of looking after one another, being kind and looking after our planet but what else did lockdown and the coronavirus teach you?

Emma xoxo

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