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Monday, November 5, 2018

Travel First Aid Kit

For as long as I can remember my boys have always managed to have some kind of accident, sometimes big, sometimes small but with those two there is always a bump, scrape or blood. I know it sounds really stereotypical but that's just the way it has always been, I have prim and proper girls and boisterous boys!

As a family we love to travel, whether that be a day trip, short break or full on foreign holiday, but because I know how accidental these kids are I never leave home without my travel first aid kit.

I posted a picture of it recently on Instagram and had a flurry of messages asking me what I keep in mine so thought I would share the contents in this post. I know you can purchase first aid kits that are already put together but I wanted something a bit more tailor made with everything that I know one of MY LOT (or us adults) may need.......although there's no alcohol.

Travel First Aid Kit Contents

Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer
3+ months liquid paracetamol and spoon
Antiseptic cream
Paracetamol caplets
Tweezers(ones with a flat edge and ones with pointy ends)
Plasters in a variety of sizes
Anti-bacterial wipes
Antihistamine tablets
Medical tape
Non adhesive dressing
A couple of sandwich bags
all of this is kept in a clear plastic ziploc bag

There are so many more things that I could keep in our first aid kit but I have found that this works for us and we have been able to help other families out when out and about.

Pretty much everything in our kit is from Savers, the dinosaur and unicorn plasters are from Poundland, the liquid paracetamol and antiseptic cream is from Sainsburys and the ziploc I got from Primark in their travel section(it contained empty bottles for travelling)

Do you have a travel first aid kit? What do you keep in yours?

Emma xoxo

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  1. Super handy tips here - I have a huge box of first aid stuff but rarely have it on me when we're out and about, now I have a starting point for putting my own kit together. Thanks for sharing with #itsok xx