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Monday, October 1, 2018

10 Top Tips For Using Zoflora

Over the last month or so, cleaning mania has completely taken over the internet thanks to the lovely Mrs Hinch and along with it the super increased use of Zoflora.  As a family of 6 (8 if you include the cats) not living in a mansion, I’ve always tried to keep on top of the cleaning, washing, ironing etc So keeping with the cleaning theme and offering some cleaning tips you may not have thought of, here are my top 10 cleaning with Zoflora tips.

1. On a clean and dry cloth or piece of paper towel pour a capful of your favourite scent Zoflora and wipe light bulbs and radiators. When you turn them on and they heat up they will fill your home with the lovely smell.

2. Fill a reed diffuser bottle with your fave Zoflora and just wait for the gorgeous aroma to fill your room.

3. Whether you own a steam or spray mop, or both like me, fill the water tank with a dilute* solution of Zoflora. Not only will the the room smell lovely but you will also be safe in the knowledge your floors will be disinfected and clean.
When your microwave needs a good clean fill a bowl with water and add a few drops of Zoflora. 

4. Put the bowl in the centre and microwave for two minutes. When the two minutes are up, not only will your microwave smell lush you’ll be able to just wipe any mess inside.

5. With half a capful of Zoflora on a dry cloth or piece of paper towel wipe door handles and light switches to keep bacteria and germs away.

6. When it’s time to clean the washing machine, pour a small amount of Zoflora into the softner tray and set on a cycle. Once finished wipe the rubber seal and door with a cloth with some Zoflora on.

7. Pour a couple of capfuls into your toilet cistern before bed. Not only will it clean and disinfect your cistern, it will also mean a nicer smell than first morning wee!

8. Fill and empty spray bottle with a dilute solution and have it on hand to clean and disinfect work surfaces, cupboard doors, windowsills and more

9. Pour a capful of Zoflora on the toilet brush every evening. Do I really need to explain this one?!

10. Every night, before bed fill your kitchen sink with boiling hot water and a capful of Zoflora and wake up to a clean sink and gorgeous smelling kitchen.

There will be a YouTube video with some of these and more tips for using Zoflora so make sure youre subscribed so you don't miss out!

What are your top tips for using Zoflora?

Emma xoxo

*Please read the guidelines on the box
Ensure you wash your hands after using Zoflora

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