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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Domestic and General Appliance Cover - Tried and Tested

Like most people up and down the country we’ve had moments where we’ve walked into the kitchen to find the washing machine has leaked, opened the fridge freezer to find its defrosted or noticed the kids have gone rather quiet after a bang only to find the tv has somehow been broken and for many years I would get that sinking feeling. Despite having contents cover when something like that would happen we’d usually incur out of pocket expenses to pay for a repair or in some cases replace the item all together.

For years people I knew had talked about how good Domestic and General were so I finally called them to discuss my options. We decided that for us the most important things to cover were our big kitchen appliances and our main tv and being the UKs leading specialist warranty providers I knew we were in safe hands.

After a quick call to Domestic and General I was talked through the options available to me and within 15 minutes my appliances were covered from the same date and all for less than £25 per month! The only information I needed was the make and model of my appliances(so handy to have this information before you make the call) and my bank details in order to set up the direct debits. Each item that you choose to cover will have its own direct debit set up but you can choose to have them all come out on the same day.

Within 6 months of taking out the cover my washing machine broke down and I was worried that the process to claim maybe complicated but I needn’t had worried. The same day it stopped working, I called them, explained what had happened and had an appointment booked within 2 days for an engineer to come out and inspect it. The engineer agreed that the washing machine needed replacing and by the end of the day I had been given a number of replacement options. In less than a week I had a new washing machine delivered and fitted!

Since then I have had other issues like recently the heating element in my oven stopped working and my a couple of years ago my fridge freezer had to be replaced but I’ve always found the process of booking a repair or engineer straightforward. 

In recent times Domestic and General have made using their service even more user friendly. You can set up appliance cover online as well as over the phone and manage your plans, appliances and repairs all in one place in your online account.

With most of the country spending more time at home over the last 12 months and that set to continue,  now, more than ever people are using their appliances a lot more than they would ordinarily do and having the kids at home more has led to a reported increase in accidental damage to items so if ever there was a time to consider taking out appliance cover, it’s now!

If you are interested and want to find out more click HERE to be redirected to the Domestic and General website.

What has been your biggest inconvenience with appliances?

Emma xoxo

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