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Monday, March 2, 2020

2020 Bucket List

Last year for the first time we came up with an annual family bucket list, this included things to achieve as a family, personal goals, couple goals and things we would like to do in our home.

Our 2019 Bucket List looked like this

I’ll be honest, I did doubt whether I would stick to it or if it would be completely successful. I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions so wanted goals that we could take our time with and achieve throughout the year and that weren’t all personally focused and I have to say our annual bucket list was a complete success and whilst we didn’t manage to complete everything on it we did manage to make a huge dent in it.

In December last year I thought that it would be a good idea if we made another bucket list for 2020. Together, we made a list of goals again personal, family orientated, home related and couple goals. January was a very productive month and lots of progress was made but by February things had stalled. I couldn't put my finger on what it was but my get up and go and got up and gone and any motivation I had had in January had gone for a wander.

 March has come along, put a spring in my step, given me a new lease of life and I'm feeling so much brighter. 
We have actively started making plans towards crossing things off of our Bucket List and has given us all lots to look forward too.

Whilst I don't doubt there will be things that we may not get around to doing this year, having it all written down and making a plan to achieve it is definitely bringing us a step closer.

So with a clearer vision, a plan to succeed, a spring in my step and amazing support we are planning on smashing the heck out of all of our goals. 2020 we are coming for you....just 2 months later than planned!!

Some of our goals may seem simple to some, luxurious to others are just plain dumb to others but to us they are all things they we would like to achieve this year and by not including them on this list they may well just get brushed under the carpet.

2020 Bucket List

Beach picnic
More quality time
Lose 4 stone
New single wardrobe
Send a message in a bottle
Take more pics
Continue reading more
New dinner set
Travel more
Talk more openly
Continue to save more
New wine glasses
Go on a steam train
Encourage improved health
Update wardrobe and accessories
Paint/repair doors
Swim more
Don’t sleep on an argument
New York
New sofa
Play more games
Go on dates
Continue face routine
Redecorate hallway
Do more as 1 unit

Do you have any goals for 2020, I'd love to know what they are? Follow me over on Instagram to keep up with what we are managing to tick off our list.

Emma xoxo

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