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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Half Term Visit to Slime Planet

Like thousands of other children up and down the country mine have been obsessed with slime since it took over the world again about 2 years ago. Glitter, homemade, glow in the dark, neon, unicorn poop, you name it, my kids have had it and so has my curtains, sofa, hair....you get the picture right?!
So when a few friends recommended Slime Planet, we knew we had to pay it a visit. 

The website is super user friendly and was really clear on where the venue was and how to get there and luckily for us it was a short bus journey away. The website also has a list of the different workshops available so you are able to choose which one you want to book. We visited during half term so booked onto the 'Half Squirm May-hem!' workshop which was £13.50 for a one hour session. 

We arrived at the venue which is under a railway arch just a 1 minute walk from Loughborough Junction train station. The kids thought the black and green slime designed entrance was really cool and the bogey green door lead us into a darkened room lit with lots of multi-coloured fluorescent tube lights. 
The venue is small but has a cool vibe with black brick walls and metal shelving housing lots of cute containers with an array of elements that can be added to your slime, stools for accompanying adults and not forgetting an Instagram worthy photo wall.

The kids were all given aprons and seated in the centre of the space for a presentation. A lovely member of the team called Annie went through all of the health and safety procedures and then went on the give a fun but educational presentation about slime facts including the fact that some fancy face creams have snail slime in the ingredients, which of course the children found hilariously gross!
Annie then offered the children the opportunity to smell a variety of different slimes including vomit scent and fart scent which went down a treat. After that the children were invited to go and stand at a work bench by a bowl in preparation to make their very own slime.

Each table had all of the ingredients needed to make the slime and a member of staff to help and guide the children through the pretty straightforward process.
The children were offered a variety of different things to add to their slime including glitter, polystyrene balls and orbeez.
Once all of the ingredients had been combined and the slime perfected, each child was given a plastic lidded pot to put their slime into.

Now for the bit that the kids went wild for. Annie mixed large quantities of the slime ingredients in a bucket to make a huge ball of slime. All of the children had the opportunity to grab an edge a pull on the slime making a huge blue parachute out of slime in the middle of the room(a few adults were rather excited by this too)
After repeating this a few times everyone was offered the opportunity to take some of the giant slime home which of course they did. 

There was a small area within the venue where a variety of slime making kits, tools and other items were available for purchase too.

Slime Planet also offer their services for mobile parties and also in house parties at their workshop

All in all we had a great time, we visited with a 3 year old, 8 year old and 10 year old and I would say that maybe 10/11 is generally the upper age limit although each to their own. My only complaint was that I wish it was a little longer as the kids had such fun. It was definitely worth the money and we will definitely be back!

Are your kids big fans of slime? Where is the worst place you've found it so far?

Emma xoxo

*I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own

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