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Friday, February 1, 2019

Is Your #FOMO Actually Causing You To Miss Out

#FOMO If you haven't seen these hash tag plastered all over social media recently where have you been? It stands for Fear Of Missing Out.

Whether it's moping over pictures of others partying, feeling envious of friends enjoying a meal out or even annoyed at a children's play date, how many times have you scrolled through your Instagram or Facebook feed and felt that you were missing out because you weren't at these events or even worse, weren't invited?

Truth be told I used to feel like that a lot. Despite having a good social life, active family life, great friends and super supportive partner there was always a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I was missing out. I wasn't sure what exactly, but surely I was missing out on something right? All the fun everyone else was having? Maybe the amazing bonds people were making with each other? I mean, for me to be sitting there feeling left out with everything I had under my own nose I HAD to be missing out on something great.

The sad reality was that I WAS missing out on something. I was missing out on the abundance of amazing opportunities that were staring me right smack bang in the face. I was so hell bent of making more out of the simple images in front of me than what they actually were that the fantastic life I was living became overshadowed by the life I WANTED to live.

Having suffered from anxiety and depression, I know first hand how easy it is to look at those perfectly posed and splendidly staged pictures on Instagram and Facebook and feel like you are not enough, your home is not nice enough, your holidays aren't fancy enough, your body isn't beautiful enough and worsen your mood and increase your #FOMO but STOP. Stop it right now!


It was only when I was organising all of our albums in the photo drawer and looking back over the last decade or so that I realised there was nothing for me to miss out on. We've visited some extraordinary places, took part in some truly memorable activities, had a blast on all of our holidays(UK based and abroad) and been fortunate enough to experience some tremendous things but because I thought I was missing out on something I had somehow managed to forget a many of these memories or make them seem a lot less significant than they are.

This year I am making a real effort to work on my well-being, to start living life and doing the things that I've always wanted to but had let life hold me back so my advise to you is this; There is no harm in liking or admiring what you see online but make sure that it's not creating a fear of missing out for you because that is what will actually cause you to miss out on some of the most magical moments in your life.

Emma xoxo

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