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Monday, August 20, 2018

Dear Sam... A Letter To My Husband

This is just a little note to say THANK YOU. I know I don't say it enough and I know that looking after 4 children we often just get swept along with being Mum and Dad.

When I'm losing my shit and shouting at pretty much anything that moves in the house, you somehow manage to keep everything else calm.

For all the times that you walk in from work and I'm tired, cross or trying to resolve an argument between kids...Thank you for diving straight into conflict resolution mode despite still having your keys in your hand, cap on and bag on your back.

For all the times that we've forgotten to pick something up, run out of something or I say I fancy a little treat...Thank you for always being happy and willing to go out at anytime of the day or night to get it.

For all the times that I want to catch up on my soaps and programmes that you really aren't into...Thank you for offering to sit and rub my feet while we watch them together.

For all the times that I get a great idea, whether its redecorating, going on a road trip or something else...Thank you for just being supportive, for trying to work out how we will do it rather than why we should.

For being an amazing Dad to all four of our children...Thank you for taking on the role of Dad many many years ago to 2 children that you didn't have to and continuing to be a great role model to all four of our monsters children.

For being the man I never thought I would meet...Thank you for showing me real love, showing our children what a real man is, despite what life throws at you, you still manage to remain your calm, funny, charming and loving self.

We often get caught up in all of the everyday stuff and neglect each other but despite all of that I know that you are my number one cheerleader and I hope you know that I am yours.

All my love, now and always
Emma xoxo


  1. Awww this gave me all the feels. Your love for your hubby leaps off the page in buckets. Gorgeous family! x

  2. This is so lovely. It sounds like you’ve found yourself a good’un there lovely. It’s so nice to let him know how much you appreciate him xx

  3. This is so lovely! My husband is very similar - helping with the kids as soon as he gets in from work! x

  4. What a keeper! Sounds like you both have a lot of love for each other :)

  5. What a lovely letter to your husband, he sounds like a great hubby and dad and lovely for you to share your appreciation

  6. That's such a sweet letter to your other half. I completely agree with you about being swept up being mum and dad. I know my hubby and I are guilty of it and I rarely say thank you. I'm going to change that!

  7. What a gorgeous and sweet letter to your hubby. Sounds like you’ve got the perfect man!

  8. Aww this is so lovely! What a wonderful letter to right and its made me thing I should probably appreciate mine too more! Wishing you many more happy years xx