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Thursday, August 23, 2018

A Letter to My Daughter on Results Day



Whatever numbers are printed on that piece of paper that is sealed within that envelope on results day, do not define you.
By the time that this letter is published we will have discovered the results of your GCSE exams. You were in a year of young people that were the first to sit exams of this kind. Gone are the days of A, B, C etc grades and with new ways of studying, assessing and marking there was a lot of pressure placed on your not too huge shoulders but despite it all you have come out the other side a stronger person. 

You are the oldest of 4 and although you have never said it, I know you feel that you HAVE to do well to set a good example to your brothers and sister. You worked so hard, studied all hours and kept going even when you wanted to give up and I know because of that you will get the results that you deserve.

We really don't always see eye to eye, in fact more often than not we are arguing or disagreeing on one thing or another(as I write this you are not talking to me because I have said your favourite word 'NO') but the one thing that we will ALWAYS have in common is our mutual desire for you to succeed in everything that you do and to live a happy life.

What I do want you to remember though today and forever is that those numbers on that piece of paper do not define you.
What does define you is your strength of character, the good manners that have been instilled in you since you could talk, the respect that you have brought up to have for yourself and those around you, compassion, understanding and empathy, drive and desire to succeed, integrity, patience when all you want to do is speed through, kindness in a world of unkindness and the ability to laugh in the face of adversity.

You are now a young woman starting to carve out a future for yourself in this big wide world but as we have always told you money(another number) and your grades will only take you so far in this world. What will carry you even further are the personality traits that do define you.

So go forward and make mistakes BUT learn from them, stay up late BUT do it to watch the beauty of a sunrise, blow your first ever months wages BUT let it teach you how to budget. Do all the things you want to do but do them with purpose, pride and dignity because THAT is what defines you. 

Whatever the results in that envelope we will be celebrating your hard work, determination and persistence.

Love Always
Mum xoxo


  1. Wonderful words. Your so right, your grades don’t define who you are. It’s a moment in your time and if you do well, then use them and if not, learn from it. My mum said similar to me and it’s always stayed with me.

  2. what a beautiful and very personal and touching letter !you are a` fantastic kind and caring mum and your daughter is so lucky to have you x

  3. This is beautiful - it's such an exciting and nerve-wracking time at that stage in your daughter's life, but she has her whole future ahead of her :)

  4. What lovely words to your daughter. I hope by now she is had her results and that her hard work paid off. Good luck to her for her next step whatever that may be.

  5. It’s so true isn’t it?! They are just numbers. Such pressure on some of them. What a beautiful lettwe

  6. this is very true. I was lucky and did well in my exams, but for those that dont it is not the be all and end all - a great message x

  7. What lovely words to your daughter 💕 I can completely relate to the feelings she may have as the eldest of 4, I am also the eldest of 4 children! You absolutely right though, those grades do not define a person ❤

  8. Fantastic letter. You are so right, they don’t define you and at the end of the day apart from getting me into 6th form I don’t think anyone has ever asked me for my grades again! Saying all of that, I’ve just noticed the picture at the end of the post - those are a fantastic set of results. Well done to your daughter.