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Monday, August 13, 2018

10 Signs Your On Holiday On A UK Holiday Park

When we are at home I’m usually THAT mum that tries to run a tight ship, with bedtimes, schedules, meal plans and any other kind of routine that keeps things running smoothly BUT when we go on a staycation to a UK holiday park all of that goes out of the window.

1. The bedtime routines go completely out of the window.

2. It’s totally acceptable for your kids to run around barefoot 99% of the time that you are away.

3. Healthy eating options are just not a choice at the full board buffet.

4. You find sand in places that you didn’t even knew you had and it will be a THING for weeks even after you return home.

5. The preplanned outfit choices that you packed before you left are a thing of the past. Your kids are wearing any random items together whilst they happily dig holes in the dirt with a stick.

6. You WILL be forced to get up on the dance floor every evening to do some dodgy holiday club dance routine that involves you looking like a complete an utter twat.

7. You end up creating your very own little community with your new neighbours.

8. Kids that you’ve never seen before descend upon your accommodation. You end up feeding and playing with all of them because these are your own kids ‘new best friends’.

9. You pack way too much because the British weather is so unpredictable and you want to be prepared so your car ends up looking like the Amazon delivery van.

10. You’re almost tearful as your packing up to leave because despite screaming at your kids at some stage, being shattered by the late nights and early mornings and the dodgy weather, you’ve actually had an amazing time, you’ve watched your children live their best lives and made more magical memories with them during their childhood.

What things go out of the window when you’re on a UK break?

Emma xoxo


  1. I cant believe how accurate these are! Ive grown up going on holidays in the UK and absolutely adore that all of your points, especially the last one.

  2. Aaw, I love a good British holiday. I nodded along to all the items in this list, but none more so than the last. Hope you had a wonderful time and made happy memories xx

  3. I read the first 5 and it sounded like the first few weeks of the school holiday at home haha!! Great post, very witty, made me smile!

  4. Haha this had made me chuckle. It has reminded me of many family holidays when I was a child!

  5. I couldn’t agree more. That’s what holidays are all about right? We are off to a holiday park in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to make some family memories xx

  6. My parents used to work at a holiday village and going back there one time was a totally different experience. I miss those types of holidays.

    John M